Aimee of Independent Cheetahs

Gr.Int.Ch.James Brown

Child of Maine

black tabby cl



Back Street Boy

black tabby cl white

FD LO 93795


Tucson of Sarafina

black tabby mc

WW IC Maine-Mark Dakota, MCO n 23, 1994-10-27 EC MtKittery Casco, MCO n 23, 1991-04-22 [p]
Guldfakse Poly Holly P, MCO f 23
CH MtKittery Hadley, MCO n 23, 1994-03-06 RW-GC MtKittery Pemaquid, MCO n 22, 1989-06-11
SGC Beauport Colby of MtKittery, MCO n 23, 1990-11-03


black torbie cl white

EC Cooncreole Tabasco, MCO d 22, 1993-05-03 [p] IW-SGC Cooncreole Cajun Cowboy, MCO n 09 22, 1990-12-25
SGC Cooncreole Alexandria, MCO f 22, 1991-11-01
IC Coonyham Tammany, MCO a 09 22, 1995-05-25 IW-SGC Coonyham Navarro, OS, MCO n 22, 1993-09-06 [p]
TGC Coonquest Cimarron of Coonyham, MCO n 09 22, 1992-09-16 [p]

Child of Maine

blue torbie cl white


Eur.Ch.Advent Hill


red tabby cl white

CH Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill, MCO n 22, 1990-04-09 [p] GC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace, MCO n 23, 1989-04-25 [p]
Hillside Belle Epoque, MCO a 22, 1985-01-15
Maineline Tecnicolor of Advent Hill, MCO f 09 22, 1989-02-14 GC Baumkatz Perseus of Pawcatuck, MCO n 09 22, 1982-07-12
DGC Maineline Melrose, MCO fs 22, 1985-11-10

Child of Maine

black tabby cl

Ranchero Silver Bullet, MCO ns 22, 1992-09-21 [p] SGC Cheeptrills Silverado, MCO ns 23, 1989-12-05 [p]
Ryanplace Blueberry Tart, MCO a 22, 1989-10-16
IP Wichita Child of Maine, MCO fs 09 22, 1992-12-11 [p] EC Guldfakse Billy Boy, MCO d 22, 1988-08-05 [p]
CH Cheetara Child of Maine, MCO ns 09 22, 1990-08-23 [p]

of Sunshine Dream

red silver tabby cl

RVDE 01041131

Ch. Adonis

of Sunshine Dream

red tabby mc <gen. silver>

CATS 4821/99-25/188-m

Int.Ch.Conan the Destrorer

of Sience Fiction

black tabby cl

EC Undertaker of Mount Mac Kinley, MCO n 23, 1996-03-05 IP CH Desperado of Snow Mountain, MCO n 22, 1994-11-23
EC Caschina of Mount Mac Kinley, MCO n, 1991-05-22
Hot Maylove Emily, MCO as 22, 1997-07-07 GEC Willowplace Johnnie Walker, MCO ns 22, 1994
CH Hot Maylove Beverly, MCO ns, 1996-03-27
Forever Love

of Science Fiction

blue silver torbie mc

EC Mama-Walker Del-Yuma, MCO n 09 23, 1996-01-08 EC Tara Chinook The Bear, MCO a, 1992-10-13
GIC Abnaki Devil-May-Care, MCO n 09 22, 1993-10-26
Ginger v. Ostbach, MCO gs 21 EC Løve Hulen Michigan, MCO ns 09 23, 1992-06-10 [p]
Celine v. Ostbach, MCO gs, 1994-10-28

of Indian Fire

black silver torbie cl white

KVL 99-287-1014-8


vom Clan der McLeods

red shaded cameo white

IC Newcomer Davis, MCO ns 21, 1992-07-23 GIC Woodpecker Nikita, MCO es 09, 1989-11-20
Belinda v. Starlight, MCO n 21, 1989-12-10
IC Newcomer Beverly, MCO f 09, 1991-12-29 IC Baghira of Mount Mac Kinley, MCO n 09, 1990-07-10
EC Woodpecker Pepples, MCO fs 09 21, 1990-12-02
King of Lion's M-Africa

black tabby cl

IC Langstteich Michigan Jun., MCO n 09 22 EC Løve Hulen Michigan, MCO ns 09 23, 1992-06-10 [p]
Capecoon Leona, MCO n 22, 1995-01-01
Lady Amarena of Plenty Lakes, MCO w 64 EC Sir Charles of Plenty Lakes, MCO n 23
CH Lady Alessia of Plenty Lakes, MCO w