Gismo of Stoneway


Lucky Star

black tabby cl white

TCC ZBT MC 11060302

Blackmoon's Jitterbug

black tabby mc

TICA SBT 072002030

TipsNTails Easy Rider Angelminds Carlos, MCO ds 22, 1999-07-19 GC Coonmora Jim Beam of Angelminds, MCO n 09 22, 1998-05-05
Angelminds Virginia, MCO ds 22, 1997-07-27
Tiffany of Pink's Palace, MCO a, 1999-07-04 IC Odysseus of Mount Mac Kinley, MCO ns, 1995-09-21
Dynamicats Elf-Fire, MCO f, 1997-07-21
Blackmoon Cheers Deborah, IC Unicat Tennessee, MCO n 23, 1994-05-14 GIC Tara Brandy Lion, MCO n 23, 1992-05-21 [p]
CH Gwenny of Forestsprite, MCO f 22, 1993-05-04
Beauty of Tenderness, MCO n 23, 1994-12-13 IC Willowplace Jazzman, MCO n 23, 1992-06-21
Willowplace Moonbeam, MCO n 23, 1992-03-04
RW-TGC Penogacats Scarlett Shakary

black torbie cl white

TICA SBT 010202014

IC Unicat Tennessee GIC Tara Brandy Lion, MCO n 23, 1992-05-21 [p] GIC Rivendell Teddy Bear, MCO n 22, 1988-08-01
Chilbrook Kumori of Taramaine, MCO g, 1987-08-10
CH Gwenny of Forestsprite, MCO f 22, 1993-05-04 Berty of Forestsprite, MCO d 09 22, 1991-12-08
IC Willowplace Cinderella, MCO n 22, 1991-10-13
Spitzäcker Unity of Penogacats GC Macavity Gatsby, MCO n 22, 1997-04-01 [p] IC Macavity Calypso, MCO d 09 22, 1995-07-14
Mama-Walker Bal-Astra, MCO fs 09 22
Liscoonvarna Kiara, MCO d 09 22, 1999-08-23 Racoone Starbuck of Liscoonvarna, MCO d 22, 1998-02-12
Oakbear Ves'tacha of Liscoonvarna, MCO f 09 22, 1997-08-06


of Stoneway

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2526 EVBL


of Magic Love

black silver tabby cl white


IC Fiftystars Hero of Crazy Castle GC Mysticoon Magnum of Fiftystars, MCO n 22, 1999-03-23 RW-SGC Mysticoon Rimrock, MCO n 22, 1996-04-24
CH Cooncreek Lola of Mysticoon, MCO n 22, 1994-06-15
TGC Fiftystars Delayna, MCO a 09 22, 1998-08-04 GIC Almajoy Yo Stallone, MCO n 22, 1995-08-18
GIC Sumapons Charming Duchesse, MCO n 09 22
Sword Flame Kimberly, GIC Magic Merlin Chivas, MCO n 09 22, 1998-06-21 GP WCH Fountain Farm Scotty of Magic Merlin, MCO d 09 22, 1996-11-24
GEC Utopia of Mount Mac Kinley, MCO n, 1996-03-05
Sword Flame Desideria, MCO ns, 1997-06-24 CH Quickstep of Fantasie Island, MCO a, 1995-07-26
CH Polly Lady of Monhegan Island, MCO fs 21, 1995-04-10

of Noble-Roses

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KVL 01-370-1005-1

GIC Elseldamo of Catskill Mountains CH Geronimo of Snow Mountain, MCO n, 1996-11-26 IC Coonpulsive Bandon By The Sea, MCO n 22, 1994-10-14
IC Wildborn Unique, MCO a, 1993-07-31
IC Igraine of Blooming Meadow, MCO ds 09 22 GEC Coon's Cottage Ivenhoe, MCO d 09 22, 1992-10-30
GIC Beysha of Garfield, MCO fs 09 22, 1989-08-29
CH Chloe Countess of Mount Desert Island, EC Orlando Earl of Monhegan Island, MCO ns, 1994-12-31 EC Amos Ben Sheila of Beautiful Home, MCO a, 1990-05-28
GIC Bonny of Monhegan Island, MCO fs, 1991-05-30
Samantha Joanna Countess of Monhegan Island, MCO ns, 1996-02-15 IC Mathew Lord of Monhegan Island, MCO ns 22
GIC Bonny of Monhegan Island, MCO fs, 1991-05-30